Next Meeting August 9, 2021
In person at Westin & via Zoom
Vol 3, Issue 4
Reporter: Julie Walker
Photographer: Mary Fritz Wilson
Raegan Matthews
AUGUST 2, 2021 MEETING in-person and via Zoom: President Raegan Matthews welcomed all. Ken Clark led us in the Smile song, and Velyn Anderson led the pledge. Clark then led singing of America. Beth Garrow led us in the Four-Way Test. Guests were introduced, and Wendy Wiegand shared some quotes, including: “Charity begins at home, but should not end there” and “Don’t just think, do.”
Songmaster Ken Clark
Pres. Raegan shared this week’s Hi-Noon Fun Fact: She discovered that Amazon has something called “Smile” that makes it possible for Amazon shoppers to designate a beneficiary to receive a percentage every time they shop online, and she discovered Carlsbad Hi-Noon is one of the possible recipients. She added a second Fun Fact: Al’s Cafe in the Village, owned and operated by former CHNR member Al Wanamaker is celebrating its 30th year. She gave it a big thumbs up.
            • CANCELED! Brother Benno’s Food-Line service project on Aug. 11 has been canceled.
            • Club members will be painting the gazebo at Pacifica House, operated by the Hospice of the North Coast, from 9 am to noon on Saturday, Aug. 14. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Contact: LeAnn Rytz.
            • Both Carlsbad Rotary clubs will be helping at the North County Food Bank from 1-4 pm the third Friday of the month. The next date is Aug. 20, from 1-4pm. Each volunteer must sign up online individually, and must be at least 16 years old. Contact: LeAnn Rytz.
            • CHNR’s Meal Delivery Service, in conjunction with the Carlsbad Senior Center, is delivering meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If interested in delivering meals once a month, contact Velyn Anderson.
Steve Ahlquist said he has had many Rotary moments, but when he went to Mexico as part of one of the club’s annual CHNR homebuilding teams, he was especially proud to be a Rotarian. “To see the joy that family got when we handed them the key, that was my Rotary moment.”
Danny Quisenberry,
Club Services director,
discusses coming activities
            • Danny Quisenberry raved about the club’s first Happy Hour social of the year, held at Carlsbad Brewing Company last Friday. Many members attended. He said these will be held monthly, on the last Friday of the month, beginning at 4pm. Mark your calendars; locations to be announced.
            • Jos Magaña said monthly early-morning Coffee Hours will begin soon, starting at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center. Watch for emailed information.
            • JoAnn Ross will be coordinating our annual holiday party, and Quisenberry asked anyone interested in helping her contact her. She is still getting to know everyone, so reach out if you are able to assist.
Bob Kreisberg was our Rooter today, inviting members to share what they’re happy about.
            • Kreisberg said today was the 49th anniversary of his first day at work, post college. He also is happy a scammer who targeted his wife when she was playing Words with Friends online didn’t succeed. He claimed to be a military medical officer in need of financial help. Kreisberg checked the name online and discovered hundreds of warnings about this specific scam.
            • Joy and Stan Prowse attended the service for Nate Cobb’s wife and said it was very moving. She and Stan have “missed Rotary tremendously, but we’re healing now.” She’s happy one daughter has just been name chief financial officer for a large pharmaceutical company.
            • Gloria Foote also went to the service for Cobb’s wife, calling it beautiful. Noting that all the Cobb children live in Minnesota, she said, “We need to put our arms around our brother Nate.”
            • Velyn Anderson, who’s been sick for the past month, was “happy to be here....It’s good to be healthy and to see all your smiling faces.”
            • Wendy Wiegand said CHNR’s July birthday girls (she, JoAnn Ross, Kori Dolkas and Patti Johnson) plus Yvonne Finocchiaro and Mary Fritz-Wilson recently attended a Lips San Diego brunch performance.
            • Guest Viveka Kjellgren, a former Westport, Conn., Rotarian, shared how happy she is that “one year ago yesterday, I moved to Carlsbad!”
PROGRAM—Dam the Water, Pray for Rain
Speaker: Barry Goldlust, SD History Center docent
Samantha Richter introduces speaker Barry Goldlust
Barry Goldlust shared 400 years of San Diego County water history. The area’s history is that of floods alternating with droughts, as well as unpredictability about where the next drop of water will come from. Population growth as well as the area’s varied geography play a key role.
Goldlust said the SD History Center, which has sites in Balboa Park and in Presidio Park, has an enormous archive on the area’s history, and he invited anyone interested to visit the center.
He began his talk on our water history with how the area’s indigenous people and later, the Spanish who arrived in the 1600s, dealt with water issues. He discussed the impact of the county’s growing population, the history of our dams and reservoirs and how San Diego’s government in the early 1900s paid $10,000 to Charles Hatfield, who called himself a rainmaker. Apparently Hatfield was too good at what he did because after building towers around San Diego and putting a mixture of chemicals into the air, it eventually rained and rained—hard. Dams collapsed, rivers overflowed, and for a while, the only way to get from San Diego to North County was by boat.
California’s current water system, he said, begins with the State Water Project (SWP) which receives water from Northern California and feeds it into the Metropolitan Water System (MWP). MWP also receives Colorado River water and feeds both the SWP and MWP water to the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA), which serves our area. SDCWA, he said, is looking at options for divesting itself from MWD and all of its fees.
He wrapped up his talk with a slide that posed questions for the future of our water:
August 9, 2021 – In-person at The Westin and via ZOOM
Krishna Kabra and Shannon Fowler
San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum