Next Meeting July 11, 2022
In person and on Zoom at The Westin
Volume 3, Issue 41
Reporter: Julie Walker
Photographers: Nancy Starling, Jeff Segall, Melanie Burkholder
Carlsbad Hi-Noon
Rotary President
Raegan Matthews
JUNE 27, 2022 MEETING in-person and on Zoom with President Reagan Matthews presiding over her final meeting. Bob Kreisberg and Ed Rouquette provided musical accompaniment, Linda Wolf led the pledge, and Beth Garrow led the Four-Way Test. Jim Brubaker provided Words in honor of Matthews’ highly successful and productive year as club president. Also providing words was her daughter, Nixon Roesink, who shared how proud she is of her mother. We had many guests, including Pres. Raegan’s family members, five of our scholarship winners and representatives of organizations receiving the club’s community grants for the 2021-22 Rotary year.
Raegan Matthews and her daughter, Nixon Roesink.
            Mimi Gaffey recalled how when she was first introduced to the club a long time ago, she didn’t feel very welcome. But how, when she was re-introduced to the club some 15 years ago, she discovered how friendly and supportive the club had become. That was the moment when she decided “to join the greatest club in the universe!” 
Mimi Gaffey
            Mimi Gaffey introduced two members who had attained new Paul Harris fellowships with their most recent $1,000 donations to the Rotary (International) Foundation and one member who had been given a fellowship via an anonymous donor. Richard Weston received his in with its first ruby in recognition of his Paul Harris + five. Ken Clark received his third sapphire, in recognition of his Paul Harris + three. An anonymous donor honored Alan Cobb with a Paul Harris fellowship, in recognition of all he’s done for the club in the relatively short time he’s been a member.
Top left: Richard Weston, Ken Clark and Mimi Gaffey; top right: Alan Cobb and Gaffey; below, the club members who also are Paul Harris fellows who were attending the meeting in person.
            Steve Ahlquist introduced five recent Carlsbad graduates who received Carlsbad Hi-Noon scholarships this year. Luca Stapleton, $1,500, will be attending Cal State LA, studying theater and music. Grace Anderson, $1,750, UCSD, communications. Aly Sutherland, $2,150, Boston College, media science. Zoe Goldstein, $1,750, Cal Poly SLO, English. William Dennehy, who attended virtually, $1,750, UCLA, chemical engineering.
Scholarship Chair Steve Ahlquist, far right, with four of CHNR’s 2022 scholarship recipients, from left: Luca Stapleton, Zoe Goldstein, Aly Sutherland and Grace Anderson.
            • DARK July 4. Have a safe, sane and fun July 4th!
            • DEMOTION DINNER: Our changing of the CHNR guard for the 2022-23 Rotary year, from Raegan Matthews to Mary Fritz-Wilson, will be this Friday, July 1, from 6 to10pm at the Westin. Rotarians have paid for the dinner as part of dues. Guest fee is $60. Please contact Wendy Wiegand if you have not already RSVD’d.
            • FREE CONCERTS—Joan Boughton reminded all to sign up for some or all of the “Rotary TGIF Free Concerts in the Park” this summer, at three Carlsbad parks. She had sign-up sheets at the meeting and introduced her team: Julie Walker, Paul Kartzke, Maureen Simons and Rocco Ciesco who will be getting to each concert site early to reserve picnic space based on the number signed up for each concert. Picnicking starts at 4:30pm, with the free concerts starting at 6pm. Boughton has just sent a new email with a link for concert info, as well as her email:
            Jeff Segall shared photos of the work day in support of the Agua Hedionda Discovery Center. Members of our club and the evening club spent the morning doing clean-up, painting and installing fence posts, as well as removing invasive plants and replacing them with non-invasive ones. 
Left: Rocco Ciesco. Right, members of the Hi-Noon and evening Rotary clubs set fence posts.
            This being the final meeting of the 2021-22 Rotary year, the club’s various officers and directors provided a recap of the year.
            As the club’s president-elect, Mary Fritz-Wilson was in charge of membership and reported the club inducted 11 members during the year: Jeff Gorman, Terry Green, Viveka Kjellgren, Helen Wells, Kate Hanham, Christian Chapman, Rick Huenefeld, Lori Cooper, Marilou de la Rosa, Linda Wolf and JR Phillips.
            Secretary JoAnn Ross and Treasurer Alan Cobb gave their reports, with the club’s accounts in very good standing. Cobb said the invoices for the first quarter of the new Rotary year will go out after July 8, when he returns from vacation.
            Eric Lodge reported on the healthy status of the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Foundation and announced that Maureen Simons will lead the foundation board as president in the coming Rotary year.
            Bob Kreisberg said our successful Youth Services efforts covered all age levels in the Carlsbad schools, offering a variety of programs and support. Mo Taylor will be the Youth Services director this coming year.
            LeAnn Rytz detailed the club’s Communty Service projects and announced that the North County Food Bank had given CHNR its Top Volunteer of the Year award for our meal packing services throughout the year (photo below). Vince Ponce talked about the 2021 Oktoberfest that raised almost $50,000 for scholarships and community programs. He specifically recognized Jimmy Ukegawa (Carlsbad Strawbery Fields) and John Haedrich (TipTop Meats) for their support of Oktoberfest.
            Pres. Raegan provided brief recaps for directors not able to attend the meeting: Club Service, Danny Quisenberry; International Service, Ray Green; and Vocational Service, Rick Grove.
            She then recognized the many members working behind the scenes to ensure meetings run smoothly, prepare the Hi-Jinx, take photos, provide music for the meetings, serve as Roto-Rooter and coordinate the club’s social media presence.
LeAnn Rytz and Raegan Matthews with the North County Food Bank’s award presented to CHNR.
            Jim Brubaker only had enough time to point the spotlight on Pres. Raegan’s musically talented daughter, Nixon Roesink, with a photo showing her playing the drums.
LeAnn Rytz, Community Services Director
CHNR Community Grants 2022
            With the 2021-22 Rotary year coming to a close with today’s meeting, Rytz announced the club would be distributing a total of $10,000 to six service organizations.
            • CAF Operation Rebound, serving injured veterans: $1,000, presented to Nico Marcolongo
            • Ainsley’ Angels of America, assisting special-needs athletes: $1,000, presented to Tricia Benton
            • Brother Benno’s Foundation, providing breakfasts to the homeless: $2,000, presented to Kathleen Diehlmann
            • Casa de Amparo, supporting those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect: $2,000, presented to Ryan Willmier
            • Women of Promise Resource Center, assisting women find the path to safety, stability and self-sufficiency: $2,000, presented to Patrina Reed
            • Stand Up for Kids, dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness: $2,000, presented to Margaret McWorter, who attended virtually.
            Rytz then thanked her committee members who helped with the selection process: Raegan Matthews, Mary Fritz-Wilson, JoAnn Ross, Rachel Ivanovich and Velyn Anderson.
Representatives of five of the non-profits that received Hi-Noon 2022 grant funds are, from left: Ryan Willmier, Casa de Amparo; Patrina Reed, Women of Promise; Nico Marcolongo, CAF Operation Rebound; Kathleen Diehlmann, Brother Benno’s; and Tricia Benton, Ainsley’s Angels, with her daughter Bailey and Raegan Matthews.
Monday, July 11, 2022, at The Westin and on Zoom
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