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Volume 6 Issue 2    
 Reporter: Julie Walker    
Photographer: Paul Kartzke   
Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary
President Velyn Anderson
Pres. Velyn Anderson called the meeting to order and asked Ken Clark to share some information on the song, God Bless America, and then to lead us in singing it.  Everyone sings this song, Clark said, but he wondered if we really listen to the words. God Bless America is a song about love and unity and tolerance and was written by Irving Berlin during WWI, updated after WWII and gained national prominence when sung by Kate Smith in the 40s-50s. After we sang God Bless America, George Sullivan led us in the pledge.
         Anderson then thanked Rotarians Helen Wells, Mimi Gaffey and Josh Rytz for serving as Polio Plus greeter, CHNR greeter and temporary A/V operator for this meeting. Anderson once again asked for someone to assume the A/V role, which no longer involves Zoom.
• July 18: NC Food Bank Packaging
• Aug. 14:  Bro. Benno’s Food Service
• Aug. 15: NC Food Bank Packaging
         Past President Jeff Segall (2023-24) presented a plaque to Terry Green for serving as Segall’s director of fundraising and marketing. Segall also thanked Mary Fritz-Wilson and her committee for an outstanding job on the Presidents Dinner, and recognized Mike Metts, who with the help of AI, planned and created the evening’s skit.
Terry Green and Jeff Segall
         Pres. Velyn announced Barry Rassin is the newly minted president-elect for Rotary International, after the unexpected death earlier this month of  President-elect Sam Owori. She some of his thoughts about the impact of Rotary on communities and throughout the world, his thank you to Rotarians and his request: “Keep dreaming big!”
         Rassin is a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, Bahamas. Before becoming president-elect, Rassin was best know for leading Rotary’s relief and recovery efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which included 105 separate projects funded by Rotarians. He has been a Rotarian since 1980 and has received Rotary’s highest honor, the Service Above Self Award. He and his wife are major donors and benefactors of the Rotary Foundation.
         Rocco Ciesco won by default as the only contestant, but his limerick about Oktoberfest would have been a winner, regardless. Pres. Velyn shared a limerick she created, with the help of ChatGPT. Share a limerick at the next meeting!
         This year’s 42nd annual Carlsbad Oktoberfest will be Sat., Oct. 5, again at the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary and Carlsbad Rotary again are co-hosting this major fundraising event for the two clubs. CHNR members will receive a  set of meal tickets to sell or give away, with the cost of those tickets included in our annual dues.
         Oktoberfest Chair Kate Hanham shared this year’s objectives, for the committee including a goal of raising $75,000. To date, $43,000 has been raised: 57% of the goal. Other objectives included increasing attendance, improving food service and easing congestion in the Strawberry Fields parking lot.
Changes this year, Hanham said, will be:
         • increased area for Oktoberfest
         • better freeway signage
         • more flyer distribution
         • shuttle service from a remote site
         • catered food, instead of Rotary volunteers
Oktoberfest of course will offer authentic German food, as well as eight different beers, a live band, a DJ and crowd-pleaser competitions.Sponsorships are key to making it all happen, since everything has a cost. Hanham said the committee is seeking a shuttle bus sponsor ($9,000) and a beer mug sponsor ($6,000) and has applied for county grants ($21,000).
         Dan Sweeney and Paul Kartzke, working on sponsorships, are seeking “warm hand-offs,” recommendations for contacting individuals and businesses who could be sponsors.
         “We just need a name and a phone number or email,” Sweeney said. He noted that the shuttle sponsor will have its name on the side of the shuttle: great advertising!
         The Oktoberfest website has information on making a donation of any amount:
         When someone clicks the DONATE button, they can also see a listing of what Carlsbad Rotary and Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary are doing for the community and beyond.
Paul Kartzke, Kate Hanham and Dan Sweeney
         • North County Food Bank Food Packing: Thur., July 18, 1-4pm. Friends and family welcome to help, but EACH must sign up separately. Beth Garrow will be sending sign-up information. The next date will be Thur., August 15.
         • Brother Benno’s Food Service: 6:15-8am Wed., August 14, at 3260 Production Ave., Oceanside. RSVP to Paul
Jenna Dotson, General Manager
Republic Services in Carlsbad
Jenna Dotson
         Jenna Dotson, general manager for Carlsbad Republic and one of our newest members, provided some Carlsbad-specific background on Republic Services, which has been Carlsbad’s waste hauler since July 22. She then discussed the ramifications of California Senate Bill 1383 that now requires organic waste to be disposed of separately.
         SB 1383 came about because Californian disposes of approximately 30 million tons of waste in landfills each year, but more than 30% of this waste is considered organic waste, which could be used for compost or mulch. Landfills, she said are the third largest source of methane in the state, a climate pollutant 85 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
         Dotson said Republic Services has a fully solar-powered composting facility in Vista, with a goal of helping SD County meet organics collection requirements.
         In Carlsbad, what goes in what?
         • Trash bins (black or grey): plastic utensils and straws, foam food take-out containers, film plastics, fruit labels, animal waste, etc.
         • Recycling bins (blue): empty, clean and dry paper, cardboard, newspaper, cartons, glass bottles/jars, metal cans, aluminum foil, BPI-certified compostable items, rigid plastics #1-#7, etc. Never: plastic bags and wrappers, food, styrofoam, soiled paper or pet waste.
         • Compost bins (green or brown): food waste; food-soiled paper, coffee filters and tea bags; and pizza boxes; yard waste, houseplants and leaves. Never: pet waste, hazardous waste or plastic, glass, metal or bags.
         Republic does do required containment monitoring, Dotson said, sampling different sections of bins on its routes for proper separation of waste products.
         Dotson also discussed where the recycled and compost discards go, and how they are separated and processed.
         Coming in the near future, she said, will be circular recycling, where, for example, a Coca-Cola bottle can be recycled, not just into another glass item, but back into a Coca-Cola bottle.
         Republic’s website it is full of information: or contact her with questions
         The July 16 meeting concluded with Words provided by Rocco Ciesco, who focused on the word awe. “Not,” he said, “as in oh, that’s bad, but as look at that awesome sunset!” Ciesco said a baby is always in a state of awe. Teens he said, are found to be in awe with other teens, but not with their parents. Those in the working world are to busy just trying to get by. But later there is the golden age of awe, where people are again starting to see what is awesome around them. Ciesco said there are two things that leave him in constant awe: the human body and how awesome mankind is: what mankind can do.
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