Next Meeting August 22, 2022
In person and on Zoom at The Westin
Volume 4, Issue 7
Reporter: Julie Walker
Photographer: LeAnn Rytz
Carlsbad Hi-Noon
Rotary President
Mary Fritz-Wilson
AUGUST 15, 2022 MEETING in-person and on Zoom with President Mary Fritz-Wilson presiding. Dave Dana led the pledge, LeAnn Rytz offered Words, and guests were introduced.
            Bob Kreisberg shared a story about attending a Rotary International Conference and purchasing a Rotary golf ball marker that had the part of the Four-Way Test imprinted on it. Noting that golfers aren’t always able to count above six, he said having a marker with “Is It The Truth?” imprinted on it seems appropriate—and underscores how the test permeates all we do and can change the way a person looks at life.
Bob Kreisberg with his Rotary golf ball marker                                          
            President Mary shared club survey responses to-date. So far, 43 members have responded, and she thanks everyone who did and indicated their areas of interest for this Rotary year. She urges the other half of the club to do so soon. The club offers many opportunities for service in all areas, from Fundraisers and Membership to Club Service (including socials, public relations, Hi-Jinx reporter, Roto-Rooter and more), and Community, International, Vocational and Youth service areas each include a number of committees, offering more opportunities for Rotary service. Fritz-Wilson noted there will be two scholarship committees this year: one for college scholarships, the other for vocational scholarships. There also will be two membership committees: one focusing on membership acquisition, the other focusing on member retention. 
            • NORTH COUNTY FOOD BANK: The club’s next date to help package food items at the North County Food Bank will be Thursday, September 15, from 1 to 4pm. LeAnn Rytz will send an email with the registration link. Each person in the group must register. For more information, contact Rytz at Velyn Anderson thanked everyone who donated their time at the food bank on August 13: Paul Kartzke, Alan Cobb, Helen Wells, Mary Fritz-Wilson and two friends, LeAnn and Josh Rytz, Beth Garrow and her husband, Viveka Kjellgren and her husband, Velyn and her daughter, grandson and girlfriend.
            • Final Concert in the Park, this Friday, August 19: Hi-Noon Rotarians can still sign up for Carlsbad’s final free TGIF Concert in the Park, to be held at Alga Norte Park. Contact Joan Boughton at so she knows how much space to save for Rotarians and their guests. Concert attendees need to bring their own food & drink, chairs and/or blanket and maybe a hat. It can get warm. Plan to arrive 3:30-4pm to picnic; concerts begin at 6pm. Look for a large Rotary sign, indicating CHNR’s saved space.
            • Pizza Challenge: Rocco Ciesco said this will take place October through April (excluding November and December). Those who wish to help taste-test and vote on the best pizza in Carlsbad will be invited to meet at a different local, family-owned pizza spot at 5:30pm the third Wednesday of the month (October 19 will be the first date) and rate various aspects of the pizza and the restaurant. The club’s favorite pizza will be announced in May. No national chain restaurants will be included. 
            • Dine Arounds UPDATE: Danny Quisenberry still needs one more host for September and two more for November. Hosts will pick a date in their month and plan a gathering for 8-10 members: pizza, wine-and-cheese, picnic, hosted dinner, restaurant (dutch), etc. Contact him at or 760-994-0778 for more info. Quisenberry sent around a sign-up sheet for particpants for the September Dine-Arounds: first come, first served since each Dine-Around is for 8-10 people.
            Garrow didn’t get a lot of time to play with, but she had a lot of fun with those at the meeting or on Zoom who had been or are celebrating anniversaries this month: Steve Ahlquist (50 years), Phil Urbina (36), Tom Applegate (28), Gloria Foote (49) and few who she mistakenly thought had anniversaries this month. Fittingly, Viveka Kjellgren was recognized for bringing 150 pieces of passion fruit to the meeting for free distribution—and Roto-Rooter teasing.
Marty Acevedo, MS, RDN
President of Parkinson’s Association of SD
Marty Acevedo
            Jeff Segall introduced Acevedo, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2010 and has been managing it ever since. Prior to her medical retirement from Tri-City Hospital in 2015, she had been a registered dietition nutritionist there and an active member of its critical care health team. After retiring, she found new purpose in her life and began her second career as a volunteer, mentor and advocate for those with Parkinson’s Disease.
            “While I’m fortunate to be able to live my life very well with PD, others may struggle along their journey. I’m passionate about providing information, resources and support to help others find their way to live their best life with PD,” she said.
            Acevedo is president of the board of directors for Parkinson’s Association of San Diego, an ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation, an ambassador for the Aware in Care Initiative for Parkinson’s Foundation and an advocacy advisor for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
            She presented a brief overview of the disease, discussing its incidence, symptoms, treatment alternatives and a brief overview of the services and programming offered by the Parkinson’s Association SD.
            Acevedo said that even though she wasn’t diagnosed until 2015, she later discovered that her symptoms began much earlier, in 2002. The four “classic” symptoms are: tremor (usually unilateral), slowness of movement, rigidity and balance issues. But there are many other possible symptoms, including cognitive issues, muscle spasms, speech changes, involuntary movement, bladder issues and more.
            Causes can be genetic, environmental, the result of a severe head injury, area of residence (rural vs. urban), exposure to certain metals, and aging. For example, military personnel who served during Vietnam and were exposed to Agent Orange and those who served in Afghanistan near burn pits are more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
            Many people are afflicted with the disease, she said, but don’t recognize it, don’t want to recognize it and/or don’t realize there are many support groups available. San Diego County has 20 such organizations, including Parkinson’s Association SD.
            There is no known cure for Parkinson’s, but its progression can be managed and slowed, most particularly with daily exercise, she said. Progression can differ from person to person. She encourages those diagnosed with the disease to find a management disorder specialist, and Parkinson’s Association SD can help with that and more. “We offer tools and education and resources, including free mobility devices.”
            To contact Acevedo directly, call (760) 522-8145 or email The association’s website is

Monday, August 22, 2022, at The Westin and on Zoom
Speaker: Cindy Anderson
City of Carlsbad Police / Crime Analyst