Next Meeting December 11, 2023
In person at The Westin and on Zoom
Volume 5, Issue 19
Reporter: Randy Ferren
Photographer: Wendy Wiegand
Carlsbad Hi-Noon
Rotary President
Jeff Segall
Welcome: President Jeff Segall welcomed all, Jim Brubaker led the pledge, and it took him awhile to get the order correct but Stan Prowse eventually led the Smile song, God Bless America and the Welcome song after Zoomers and guests were introduced. He even threw in the Birthday Song for December birthdays. Although Bruce Jordan's presence was noted he is still a member and not actually a guest, this is his 40th year in Rotary! Mark Ealy presented the Words of Inspiration quoting what is the purpose of my life. Tommy Hersant gave an example of the Four Way Rotary Test using an exchange with a waiter at his hotel on a trip to the Czech Republic.
Tommy Hersant
• Sat. Dec. 9: Bird Watching with Rick Grove
            at Santee Lakes: RSVP needed
• Sat. Dec 9: Bike Building—Vince Ponce
• Sat. Dec. 9: CHNR Christmas Party
            at Paul Kartzke’s home, 4:30pm
• Mon. Dec 11: Next meeting CPR training with Carlsbad FD; dress comfortably
• Wed. Dec 13: Brother Bennos – Paul Kartzke
• Mon. Jan 22: 10,000 Meals Packing Event
See below for each event's details....
The Lipoffs, presenting Jeff Segall with a flag from their Las Vegas Rotary Club 
            The club’s newly instituted Golden Envelope fundraiser is going on now. Each member should have received a hand-delivered or mailed envelope offering an easy way to make a donation of any amount to the CHNR Foundation. Any amount is welcome, but those who donate $500 will be recognized as Manuel Castorena Fellows on a banner. To date we’ve raised over $8,000.
            • North County Food Bank: The club’s next date to package food will be Dec. 14, beginning at 1pm. Beth Garrow will be emailing sign-up information.          
            • Bikes for the Barrio: Vince Ponce emailed a SignUp Genius notice for those ready to help put bikes together on Sat., Dec. 9, under expert supervision, of course.  We still need a few volunteers.
            • Jefferson Elementary Christmas Shopping: Garrow needs more shoppers to take one of the 13 families that CHNR has committed to helping. Shoppers will receive wish lists to use as a guide for the kids in their family and will be reimbursed with club-designated funds. There also will be an opportunity for those who would like to help wrap.  Garrow thanked Carol Jordan for providing gifts and wrapping for several families.
            • Tijuana Rotary Club Los Reyes RCT Project: The club who visited us several months ago has requested our help with the above event that will support over 400 disable children.  The event will take place on Jan 19th and 20th, 2024 and include a toy drive (asking for new unwrapped toys) and an opportunity to volunteer.   The adjacent Tijuana Marriott is offering a special room rate and local Rotarian is providing a BBQ at their Hacienda.
            • Bird Watching RSVP Needed: Anyone interested in joining Rick Grove on a birdwatching tour Sat., Dec. 9, at Santee Lakes is asked to RSVP at or 661-609-7910 cell.
            • CHNR Christmas Party: Paul Kartzke is hosting this year’s party, beginning at 4:30pm Sat., Dec. 9. So far, 53 persons have signed up, Paul mentioned he’ll need to rearrange his furniture for all to fit! The event will be catered by Phil’s BBQ. Cost per person is $30. RSVP to Raegan Matthews:
            Wendy Wiegand gave us tips on how to download and use the mobile app, which is much more user friendly than the website.  To download the app search ClubRunner in the app store.  The following topics were covered:
  1. How to find and contact members from the app
  2. View Events Calendar
  3. Check your attendance
  4. Pay your bill, a 3% service charge will be applied for credit card payments
It was also noted that you can make donations directly to our Foundation thru the app/website.
Teresa Acosta
Carlsbad City Council Member District 4
Teresa Acosta
            Samantha Richter introduced Acosta, who has been on the Council since 2020.  She was the youngest of 6 children, was raised in Pasadena and her grandfather was a long-time Rotarian in Arizona. She attended several meetings with him growing up and noted the Rotary Four Way Test has impacted many of the decisions she has made during her life.  She graduated from Catholic school in Pasadena when she was 16 years old and graduated from USC when she was 18 years old.  She got married and had her daughter when she was 20.  After working in public affairs for several years she went back to school and got her Masters degree from Pepperdine University and moved to Carlsbad in 2011 when her mother bought a condo near La Costa Resort.
            Her background is in public policy and inter-governmental collaboration and she started a consulting business in 2011 focusing on public policy and public private partnerships. Her focus was on writing public policy and never thought she would run for council because she wasn’t interested in the politics (campaign, raising funds, debating, etc.) side of the position. She ended up running for council because she thought it was the best way to give back to the city she loves so much.  She is highly involved in the League of California Cities and they recently hosted over 200 city officials in Carlsbad and she got to show them all the great aspects of our city.
            The two biggest issues the city has to face is affordable housing and fiscal responsibility.  Over the last couple years state lawmakers have been approving CA laws for density, height limits, etc. that overrule any local mandates that we have. Acosta feels many of those requirements should be left up the local/city representatives knowing what is best for their community and having feedback from the people that live in the communities.  The League of California Cities is an important group that can push back on some of the requirements coming from State Legislation.  Carlsbad has historically been very fiscally responsible with a 40% reserve requirement in the budget, currently we are closer to 60%.  But we are getting close to being built out and with less development means city revenues will begin to decrease and expenses for infrastructure, city employees, etc. will continue to increase so it will be important to maintain fiscal responsibility.
NEXT MEETING: December 11, 2023
Christina Gilmore, Community Health Nurse
Sidewalk CPR with City of Carlsbad