Next Meeting December 4, 2022
In person and on Zoom at The Westin
Volume 4, Issue 18
Reporter: Julie Walker
Carlsbad Hi-Noon
Rotary President
Mary Fritz-Wilson
Welcome: President Mary Fritz-Wilson welcomed all to the meeting, including those members who were attending via Zoom. Yvonne Finocchiaro led the pledge, and Bob Kreisberg provided the day’s Words. Rotarians on Zoom and in-person guests were introduced.
Four-Way Test Rotary Moment: Raegan Matthews said the emphasis at the company where she works is “People First,” a culture that goes hand-in-hand with the Rotary Four-Way Test, and she said she is able to apply the test when dealing with customers and potential customers.
Hi-Noon’s Jefferson Christmas Project:
            • Shoppers: Those who are shopping for one of our 15 Jefferson Elementary School families should have received their lists and information from Velyn Anderson. Shoppers will be given a budget and shop on their own schedule, wrap their items and then deliver them to Anderson’s home by Tues., December 13. The family number and child’s first name need to be on each wrapped package.
            • Drivers Needed:  Trucks and/or SUVs are needed to deliver all these gifts to Jefferson on Wed., December 14. Meet at Anderson’s home at 2:15pm that. Please, if you can help, contact her at
Hi-Noon’s Bikes for the Barrio Project: Rotarians, friends and family will be gathering at the Boys & Girls Club in the village on December 17 to build bikes, guided by professional bike builders. A list of tools to bring and other details will be coming in a Clubrunner email or contact Velyn Anderson, Again, drivers needed: Anderson needs help December 17 getting the bikes from her garage to the build site.
CHNR Holiday Party: The party will be held December 3 starting at 6pm at the home of LeAnn and Josh Rytz and will include dinner ($35 pp) and entertainment. Members don’t need to bring anything except maybe a bottle or two, says JoAnn Ross (, who is coordinating the party.
Club Visioning/Planning Update: Jani Jackson and Yvonne Finocchiaro facilitated the club’s November 16 Strategic Planning Session, with many members in attendance. Finocchiaro said there was “good thinking all around” as participants discussed the club’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and more. Information from that will be given to the CHNR board for consideration. There may be one more visioning/planning session early next year. Participating: Jackson, Finocchiaro, Steve Ahlquist, Velyn Anderson, Alan Cobb, Marilou de la Rosa, Beth Garrow, Stephen Herring, Rick Huenefeld, Eric Lodge, JR Phillips, Vince Ponce, Danny Quisenberry, JoAnn Ross, Mo Taylor, Phil Urbina, Julie Walker.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Everyone is invited to participate in the ugly Christmas sweater contest at our December 19 meeting, the final December and 2022 meeting. A prize is promised.
• Sat., December 3: CHNR Christmas Party. Contact JoAnn Ross,
• Thur., December 8: Tour of Aqua Farms Carlsbad-four tickets still available as of Monday. Contact Mary Fritz-Wilson
• Tues., December 13: Jefferson shoppers’ deadline for delivering wrapped gifts to Velyn Andeson
• Wed, December 14: Drivers meet at 2:15 pm at Velyn Anderson’s home to pick up/deliver gifts to Jefferson
• Sat., December 17: BuildingBikes for the Barrio,” Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club in the village
• Mon., December 19: Ugly Christmas sweater contest at CHNR meeting
• Mondays, December 26 and January 2: DARK
Raegan Matthews was Roto-Rooter, recoginizing Mimi Gaffey, celebrating 17 years in Rotary; Elaine and George Sullivan, who were celebrating their 53rd anniversary; and we sang to Kate Hanham and Stan Prowse, who had November birthdays. She questioned Gloria Foote and Rachel Ivanovich about showing up for a Rotary meeting the week prior, when we were dark. Then Matthews asked members to share their Thanksgiving stories.
            •  Viveka Kjellgren said Thanksgiving is always significant to her because that was the day her family immigrated to the US 24 years ago.
            • Bob Kreisberg says it’s significant to him because his parents were married on Thanksgiving 77 years ago.
            • George Porter has a treasured Thanksgiving photo of his family when he was a baby, the only one he has that includes both his grandfathers, one of whom died later that night.
            • Dave Dana got to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners, a day apart.
            • Mimi Gaffey cooked two Thanksgiving dinners: one for her family and the other for a family friend with a disabled daughter.
            • Stan Prowse talked about one family member who remains a mystery to him but who always attended Thanksgiving dinners when he was a child.
            • Gloria Foote said the celebration at her daughter-in-law’s home was meaningful because Foote’s grandson is leaving soon for Air Force duty in Korea.
            • Helen Wells spent the day before Thanksgiving helping put together 300 meals for the homeless, to be served by the Salvation Army.
            • Christian Chapman was one of several members who did NOT have turkey for Thanksgiving. That’s because his Dad didn’t want to cook it, so it was rotisserie chicken instead.  
Cristina Montanez
Hospice of the North Coast’s Global Partnership
Cristina Montanez
Montanez said Hospice of the North Coast (HCN) is “a tiny hospice with a big impact” which now extends internationally due to a global partnership that began in 2014. HNC is a community-based non-profit that offers palliative care, and through its partnership with Global Partners in Change, HNC is helping to secure funding and resources for Malawi, Africa, with pediatric care a top priority.
Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness through the prevention and relief of suffering.
Montanez shared a video about the Nkhoma Mission Hospital in Malawi that Hospice of North Coast helped to establish and slides detailing the need worldwide for palliative care, especially in underdeveloped African countries. On the up side, there has been growth on the continent, with only nine countries without any services dedicated to hospice and palliative care.
The GPIC philosophy and objectives include strategic planning an program development; technical assistance to enhance staff capacity; cross-cultural learning and sharing; and resource mobilization. “We strive to facilitate partnerships that are multi-faceted and inclusive. Enhancing access to palliative care isn’t a simple issue, and involving partners from different sectors and backgrounds can significantly strengthen the outcomes,” according to one slide.
The approach, Montanez said is not to direct, but to listen and facilitate. The approach is: “You know your setting the best. We can provide resources.” This creates a mutual respect that helps these partnerships survive.
For more information:
Monday, December 4, 2022
at The Westin and on Zoom
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