DARK April 26, 2021
Next Meeting May 3, 2021
Vol 2, Issue 30
Reporter: Julie Walker
Pat Hurley
Welcome: President #4 Pat Hurley opened the meeting, and the pledge was led by Beth Garrow. Words were provided by Raegan Matthews, who took the opportunity to recite The Object of Rotary, which is published in each issue of Rotarian magazine. Mimi Gaffey led recitation of the Four-Way Test. Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall and our speaker, Dan Denham of the SD County Water Authority, were introduced.
Dark Next Monday: We'll be dark next Monday, because of Rotarians At Work day this Saturday. Rotarians all over will be working in group or individual projects to better their communities. CHNR will be doing so with the Mexico House build (see below), and President Pat asked those not participating in that to do something on their own on Saturday to better our communities. 
In-Person Club Meetings? For the second week in a row, a poll was conducted about returning to in-person meetings at the Westin, sometime in May. The Westin will waive its minimum for number of attendees but will require that anyone attending be vaccinated. Results this week were 69% yes; 12% no; and 19% maybe. Since the total number of Rotarians responding was low, President Pat will send an email to all members to better gauge the response.
Rotary Moment: Matt Hall, as a visiting Rotarian, was asked to share what makes Rotary special for him. Hall said it’s Rotary’s focus on Service Above Self: “How you can work within the community and be below the radar while still doing so much good.”
Breakout Rooms: Jani Jackson’s “breakout rooms” this week each had two to three members, discussing: “What, if anything, would you have done differently last March if you knew the shutdown would last more than a year?”
Paul Harris Matching Funds: Both the club and District 5340 are offering matching funds, up to $500, to those who want to start a Paul Harris fellowship. Contact Mimi Gaffey.
Game Night: Jos Magaña will be sending an email soon about the next CHNR Game Night, to be later this month.
Mexico House Help Needed: Rocco Ciesco said three persons previously signed up to help assemble the Mexico House segments in Chula Vista on Saturday have had to drop out. Anyone else willing to help should contact him ASAP. Friday is the final day to donate items to our Mexico House family, specifically, bulk foods and basic household items (see below), as well as cash, which can be dropped off at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center by Friday morning, latest. Suggested items: dried pinto beans, bag of rice, cooking oil, canned tomatoes/tomato sauce/kernal corn, cereal (healthy varieties), packages of chicken-flavored ramen noodles, refried or black beans, powdered drinks (Tang, etc), kitchen utenstils, towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, laundry liquid, blankets, toilet paper, gently used second hand items ok. Nothing that requires electricity! Ciesco thanked Alesia Clark, Beth Garrow, Lisa Rodman, and Gloria Foote for making some major donations, and especially Lisa Walsh, who is buying a solar light kit for the family.
Our Mexico House family and list of items needed
North County Food Bank Help Needed, too: LeAnn Rytz reminded all that we will be assisting at the North County Food Bank on Friday, April 23. Alas, she only has six signups, with 20 needed. She is reaching out to Carlsbad Rotary Club members, too. Advance sign-ups are required and forms to be filled out; contact her ASAP.
Youth Services—Bob Kreisberg
                  1. While there will be no districtwide musical instrument competition again this year due to covid regulations, CHNR and the San Marcos Rotary will combine to hold a competition for their schools’ students at 7 p.m. April 27, via Zoom. Anyone interested in watching, please contact Kreisberg. He thanked Harry Peacock for signing up as a judge.
                  2. CHNR will be starting Junior Achievement programs at Calavera and Valley middle schools once the JA materials are received. Kreisberg invited Rotarians to participate by telling JA students “What Grownups Do for Work,” a one-day event at a time/date to be set later. “This is an opportunity to inspire students,” Kreisberg said, by discussing what you do/did for work, the preparations needed, as well as talking about obstacles and the opportunities for success.
                  3. Ken Clark said the club once again will be recognizing the top five AVID students from Carlsbad and Sage Creek high schools this year. AVID students are those middle-schoolers who are already focused on going on to college.
Roto-Rooter—Alesia Clark
Clark recognized members and some family members who had April birthdays and members with April anniversaries. Birthdays: April 5, Mo Taylor and Julie Walker; April 8, Pat Hurley; April 11, Rex Wilson (Mary Fritz-Wilson); April 14, LeAnn and Josh Rytz’s son celebrated #21; April 16, Maureen Simons; April 18, Carmen Rouquette (Ed). Again, the brief birthday song was sung, quite badly! April anniversaries: Jessica Jones, 15 yrs; Lisa Walsh, 27 years; Tracy Carmichael, 33 yrs. Wendy Wiegand who was asked about her bunnies, said they are doing well. “I’m taking good care of them.”
Dan Denham
SD County Water Authority
“SD County’s Water Story: Regional
Collaboration & Coordination”
Dan Denham
Denham shared the County Water Authority’s goals for the region and discussed some of the top issues. SDCWA, formed in 1944, is the region’s wholesale water supplier, with many member agencies.
SDCWA’s regional map
Beginning in the 90s, SDCWA adopted a strategic plan for the region, which has very few natural water assets. The strategic plan is updated at regular intervals, including in 2020, and as a result, Denham said, the region is well-prepared for the dry years. He noted that 66% of the region’s water comes from the Colorado River, a 300-mile journey. Another 10% comes from the California Aqueduct in northern California. The final 24% is locally supplied, including the desalination plant in Carlsbad, advance water purification projects in the works and via pump hydropower storage.
Where the we get our water
He also discussed some of the current issues for SDCWA, including recent actions by the Rainbow and Fallbrook water districts, seeking LAFCO approval to detach from SDCWA. Denham discussed concerns and fiscal impacts on the remaining SDCWA member agencies, including Carlsbad, as well as the potential for higher water costs for retail customers in the region if the two agencies are no longer sharing the costs. Denham said he expects much discussion on these requests, going into 2022, at least.
Current top issues
Meeting of Monday, May 3, 2021
Zoom Format
Program: Linda Hammond, Thermo Fisher Scientific
“Thermo Fisher Scientific in the Community”