Next Meeting March 3, 2020
Vol 1, Issue 6
Reporter: Julie Walker
Photographer: Nancy Starling
WELCOME: After Sgt.-at-Arms Jim Brubaker opened the meeting, Pres. Wendy Wiegand welcomed all. Ken Clark led singing of the Smile song, Rachel Ivanovich led the pledge, and Dave Kulchin offered Words, quoting Maya Angelou. Jan Nadler led recitation of The Four-Way Test, and Clark led us in a patriotic song. Guests were introduced and welcomed.

SPIRIT OF SERVICE AWARD: Jos Magaña presented the quarterly Hi-Noon SOS award to Nancy Starling. She was recognized for always being willing to help in most club activities and always with a huge smile, including arranging the club’s social events, serving on the Hi-Jinx team and helping with the Jefferson holiday party.

Jos Magaña and Spirit of Service honoree Nancy Starling

BLUE BADGE PROMOTION: Gloria Foote presented Paul Kartzke with his blue badge. He joined last year and immediately became quite active, including working on Brewfest, Oktoberfest, Mexico House, Bikes for the Barrio and hosting the club 2019 Christmas party at his home. Kartzke was sponsored by John Estill.

Paul Kartzke, right, with his sponsor, John Estill
COMMUNITY SERVICE — LeAnn Rytz, Director
All hands needed for meal packaging project, Monday, March 2, 12:20 pm. This is the regular meeting day and place, but it is starting early so all can eat lunch. The rest of the meeting will be dedicated to packaging meals to be distributed to Solutions for Change, Bread of Life, La Posada and Brother Benno’s. Members will be divided into teams, each team working in assembly-line style to package 2,000 meals, for a total of 10,000. If all members help, this should only take an hour. Please RSVP to Rytz if you will attend and advise her if you are bringing reinforcements: friends and family are welcome to join. The more the merrier. Rytz introduced Chris Romero of The Outreach Program, which coordinates the food packaging program, who explained how easy it is to package the meals. Each team will fill, weigh and seal the meals, which have a two-year shelf life. Hi-Noon Rotary spent $3,000 to provide the 10,000 meals locally.... about 33 cents per meal.  A good opportunity for student community service hours.
John Estill, Mexico House Chair, thanked all the Hi-Noon Rotarians who participated in building another Mexico house last weekend. Helping build this new home in a day were family members who will live in the home, helping with painting and roof work alongside Rotarians. Estill thanked all who worked on the house as well as those who donated funds.
Hi-Noon Rotary’s 2020 Mexico House Build Team including John Estill, Estela Mitrani, Paul Kartzke,  Raegan Mathews, Mike Metz, Danny Quisenberry, Phil Urbina and Wendy Wiegand plus family members and the home recipients. 

VOCATIONAL SERVICE — Rick Grove, Director

A small group took part in the Lunch & Learn at ViaSat on February 19. Grove apologized that ViaSat had limited the number who could participate. The next Lunch & Learn will be at Hospice of North County on March 11, and lunch will be provided. Grove is looking for someone to host the April Member Spotlight. Anyone interested in being a host should contact Grove.

Lunch & Learn at ViaSat included Joan Boughton, Melanie Burkholder, JR Phillips, Danny Quisenberry, Mark Packard, Harry Peacock and Jeff Segall.


Board Meeting + Fireside Chat: President-Elect Harry Peacock will host the March board meeting at his home on Tuesday, March 10, at 4:30pm. Immediately after that, he will host a Fireside Chat for new members, from 6-8:30pm. This is an opportunity for new members to learn, in more detail, about the Areas of Service and CHNR projects—and how to become more involved in the club. A Fireside Chat is necessary to go from a Red badge to a Blue badge and also qualifies as a meeting makeup. All Rotarians are welcome and pizza and beverages will be served for the Fireside Chat. RSVP is needed. Address: 7434 Sundial Place, Carlsbad. A gate code is needed and will be provided when RSVPing. Contact Peacock at

• Peace Forum: Joy Prowse and a few other members attended the Rotary District 5340 Peace Forum last weekend and watched the Hands of Peace organization receive the district’s Peace Award. Through Hands of Peace, Israeli and Palestinian students come to the US for a 12-week leadership and peace building program Hi-Noon Rotary donated $2,000 to help bring some of these students to Carlsbad, where they each stayed with a local family.

Joy Prowse

• New Classification Schedule Begins April 1:  The club’s new classifications schedule goes into effect on April 1 and some members’ club billing might change. Contact Harry Peacock before April 1 if a classification change is needed.

• Sunshine Report: President Wendy reported that past president Maureen Simons took a bad fall and spent a night in the hospital but is now home where she'll stay for the next three weeks. Cards are welcome.

• Online Rotary Apparel: John Estill said club apparel may now be purchased online and delivered to our club meetings. Information on the website to be coming soon.

• Non-Rotary Announcements at Meetings: President Wendy invited members involved in other activities to make an announcement about the event in exchange for a $25 Polio Plus donation. LeAnn Rytz took the opportunity to promote a benefit event for the Radys Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

• Hi-Jinx Newsletter: President Wendy reminded all that the club’s new online Hi-Jinx includes many links. These include more information on coming activities, sign-up links, Rotary-related websites and more. Look for items with a blue line beneath them.