Propose a New Member

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Propose a New Member

Every Rotarian has the privilege and obligation to seek qualified members. In this way, all club members can help their clubs achieve a full representation of the business and professional life of the community.

Membership is the means to accomplish Rotary's mission and goal. Complete the Sponsor Proposal form to propose a new member. Please follow the guidelines as explained. If in doubt about the following procedure, contact the membership chair.

  1. The proposed member should be invited to two meetings before membership is proposed.
  2. The prospective member's name is submitted to the board of directors through the membership chair on the membership proposal form.
  3. The board ensures that the person is fully qualified and approves or disapproves the proposal within 30 days. The sponsor is notified of the decision by the membership chair.
  4. Until approval is granted, the prospective member should not be informed that they have been proposed for membership.
  5. After approval has been determined, the prospective member is fully informed of privileges, expectations and responsibilities of club membership. He or she is then asked to complete the membership application and give written permission to publish his or her name and proposed classification to the club membership.
  6. If no objections to the proposal are received within ten days following the publication of the name, that person, after an orientation meeting with their sponsor and the membership committee, payment of an admission fee and induction, is a new Rotarian.

Membership Forms are located under Home Page Download File