Oct 31, 2022
Shannon and Jeff Arballo, Arballo Entertainment
Scramble the Seawolves ~ Award Winning Documentary.

Arballo Entertainment presents Scramble the Seawolves, the captivating, true stories as told by the men that lived them. Narrated by MIKE ROWE (Dirty Jobs,Deadliest Catch) Scramble the Seawolves is the little-known story of the US Navy's first and only dedicated attack helicopter gunship squadron. Established in 1967 in support of Gamewarden Operations in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam. The establishment of the Helicopter Attack (LIGHT) Squadron THREE Seawolves, also known as HA(L)-3, would mark an unprecedented chapter in Naval Aviation History. Approximately 2,556 men; Maintainers, Personnel, Gunners and Pilots, VOLUNTEERED for duty. With hand-me-down huey's and the spirit of ingenuity, courage and resolve, the Seawolves became the most decorated squadron in the Vietnam War and in Naval Aviation History.