Mar 01, 2021
Dr. Matt Kurth
History of the Food & Drug Administration


Matt Kurth grew up in Andover, MA, then went to Houston, TX where he attended Rice University and then received his MD and PhD from Baylor College of Medicine.  He also met and married, Janice, at that time.  Subsequently residency training in Neurology took both to Stanford, CA, where his 2 daughters were born.  A fellowship in Movement Disorders and Parkinson’s Disease completed the formal training process.  After 5 years in an academic practice setting Matt’s carrier as a pharmaceutical physician began upon the move to San Diego in 1997.  In all Matt has been in clinical research and the pharmaceutical world for more than 20 years.


Subject: History of the FDA

Speaker Name: Dr. Matthias. C. Kurth

Description:  Dr. Matt Kurth (MD and PhD) recently spoke to the Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club about the history of the Food and Drug Administration relative to the historical problems of unhealthy and dangerous foods and drugs.  His presentation was engaging, informative, and helpful in understanding the problems and opportunities that we and our nation face today.  His was a high quality and well delivered presentation.