Posted on Jul 09, 2019

Welcome:  The new Rotary year started with Jim Brubaker and his musical interlude by The Association “. . . everyone knows it’s Wendy” as he set the stage for President Wendy Wiegand’s first meeting.  President Wendy welcomed everyone to a new Rotary year and Steve “Sunshine” Mott led the Smile song.  Joan Boughton led the Pledge and Dave Kulchin (standing in for Bud Carroll) quoted Maya Angelou “ . . . how you make people feel.”  President Wendy initiated a new element into the meeting which is the restatement of the Rotary Four-Way Test.  Mott led the singing of God Bless America and guests were introduced.  President Wendy also presented the 2018-2019 Rotary Theme banner to PP Maureen.

Rotary Inspirational Moment:  Another new element was the Rotary Inspirational Moment wherein two members each meeting will be asked about a moment of inspiration that came as a result of Rotary activity.  Dave Dana was first and he described the awe he saw in the faces of students at the club’s Raising Readers Book Fair where students were able to purchase their own books (25 cents each)—a book of their own.  Lisa Rodman, after rethinking her moment rather than those who inspired her, said it was the building of the Mexico house—“It was amazing—work on that if you can.” 
Sad News:  President Wendy announced that Past President Bob Fenner is having health issues and has had to resign from the club.
Demotion Dinner:  Past President Maureen Simons thanked the Demotion Team for their great event-- she had a “fantastic” time and indicated that two people were missing:  Yvonne Finocchiaro was honored as the Rotarian of the Year, and Bryan Geisbauer was awarded the Rookie of the Year.  Both were present today and thanked PP Maureen for the wonderful recognition. 
Brewfest:  Mike Ferguson indicated he still needs 45 people to volunteer for Brewfest.  Go to to sign up or email or call Ferguson.
Yvonne Finocchiaro kicked off the new Rotary year with congratulations to the Demotion Team:  David Harrison, Lisa Rodman, Gloria Foote, Nancy Starling, Walt Waggener and all those who participated in the skits.  What about those bagpipes and Irish dancers?  Most excellent! PP Maureen exclaimed “it was OVER THE TOP” –I was laughing AND crying . . . it was fantastic!”
July birthdays included Gloria Foote, George Porter, Jan Nadler, Vince Ponce, Harry Peacock, Patty Johnson, Sam Ross, Velyn Anderson, LeAnn Rytz, Kori Dolkas, Wendy Wiegand, Alex Klingensmith and Jeff Segall.  The Birthday Song followed.
From the “What We Don’t Know About You” files Walt Waggener and JR Phillips considered and reworked the following facts until they got it right:  Jan Nadler developed a new workshop, Steve Mott was in the Rose Parade drum line, Mike Ferguson participated (with his children) in the Indian Princess Guide program, Rick Kreysar was a St. Louis bowling champ in high school, George Porter’s first job was as a photographer at Disneyland and Melanie Burkholder was a Rotary exchange student to Bangladesh. 
Randy Ferren was fined $25 as he takes joins the Board of Directors for the El Camino Country Club.  Harry Peacock took his whole family to Hawaii to help celebrate his and Bobbie’s 55th wedding anniversary.  $25.
WENDY PATRICK, DEPUTY DWendy Patrick used her visuals and personal stories to help identify the issues involved with social media as it relates to politics. 
Her first focus included the problems raised in this social media age:  Facebook is the primary source of news for most people.  How does one identify what’s true and what’s not true? Research indicates that people rely on each other to ferret out the truth.  Social media’s characteristics that it is free, fast, unfiltered, elicits feedback and shows the power of numbers offers users an opportunity NOT to read edited/filtered copy.  It allows everyone to have a voice.  Further research suggested that Facebook users are more gregarious and social; whereas, Twitter is used by the less social and more cognitive individuals.  (Source?  I didn’t catch it.)  The second premise was the fact that major issues are lost within the ocean of trivia . . . fake news, edited videos may not be real and other elements lead to distrust.  Patrick pointed out the difference between broadcasting a fact and engaging the public in that fact—those using engagement saw better results.  “Nothing beats knowing each other.”
George Porter won $10.  The jackpot for July 15 will be $110.
The 2019-2020 Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Board of Directors (l – r):  Steve Ahlquist, PP Maureen Simons, Dawn Cunneen, Raegan Matthews, Lisa Walsh, Mark Ealy, Pres. Wendy Wiegand, Rick Grove, Harry Peacock, Bryan Geisbauer and Jim Brubaker.