DARK January 17, 2022
Next Meeting January 24, 2022
In person and on Zoom at The Westin
Volume 3, Issue 22
Reporter: Julie Walker
Photographer: Nancy Starling
Carlsbad Hi-Noon
Rotary President
Raegan Matthews
January 10, 2022 MEETING in-person and on Zoom with President Raegan Matthews presiding, and Bob Kreisberg and Harry Peacock providing music. Tom Applegate led the pledge, and Viveka Kjellgren led recitation of The Four-Way Test. Guests were introduced.
            George Sullivan, whose 40th anniversary as a Rotarian is this year, recalled that when he joined Rotary, it was an all-men’s organization—until the late 80s when Rotary opened its membership to women. Not long after, he and wife Elaine were in Hong Kong, where he attended a local Rotary meeting—all men. He was asked what it was like to have women in the club. “I said there is so much energy, so many creative ideas, so much joy and happiness,” and he said that to this day, that remains the positive result. “So, thank you, ladies!”
           George Sullivan
            Dues invoices have been sent. Anyone with questions should contact Treas. Alan Cobb. President-elect Mary Fritz-Wilson announced her goal for this 2021-22 Rotary year is to add 10 new members or more, and that so far, in the first half of this year, the club has added seven.
            Bob Kreisberg said $2,500 in donations from the club and individual members has been sent to the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.
            • The club’s Rotarian at Heart award will be presented at our January 24 meeting.
            • CHNR Scholarship information is now on our website.
            • Tijuana House build date is March 12. More information to come.
            • CHNR’s AVID Seminar for students will be April 7. Volunteers will be needed.
            • RYLA leadership program for students will be April 9, a one-day event due to covid.
2022-2023 CHNR BOARD
            President-elect Mary Fritz-Wilson announced her board for the 2022-23 year that begins on July 1: president, Mary Fitz-Wilson; president-elect, Jeff Segall; secretary, JoAnn Ross; treasurer, Alan Cobb; Club Service, Danny Quisenberry; International Service, Ray Green; Vocational Service, Gloria Foote; and Youth Service, Maureen Taylor. Also on the board as past president will be current Pres. Raegan Matthews.
From left: The 2022-23 CHNR Rotary board, to be led by current President-Elect Mary Fritz-Wilson, include, from left: Youth Services Director Maureen Taylor; Vocational Services Director Gloria Foote; Treasurer Alan Cobb; Secretary JoAnn Ross; President Mary Fritz-Wilson; President-elect Jeff Segall; and Raegan Matthews, who will stay on the board as past president. Other 2022-23 board members will be Club Services Director Danny Quisenberry; Community Services Director Rachel Ivanovich; and International Services Director Ray Green.
            JoAnn Ross reminded all that the club wants to raise $30,000 for scholarships for students planning to attend trade schools after high school. These scholarships, like the $20,000 we already present to college-bound seniors, will go to graduates of Carlsbad high schools, whether they live in Carlsbad or elsewhere (Children and grandchildren of Rotarians are not eligible, per the IRS). Ross reported she has family members who work for companies that provide matching funds for their employee’s donations, and as a result, she already has $7,000 in matching funds and another $2,000 from relatives who don't have access to matching funds. She asked fellow Rotarians to ask family members and friends to donate and to check if their work places offer matching funds. If we can raise that $30,000, CHNR’s scholarship support this year will total $50,000 instead of the traditional $20,000.
            • North County Food Bank: CHNR’s next date to volunteer at the food packing site will be January 21, 1-4p.m. LeAnn Rytz will be emailing details.
            • Jefferson Christmas project update: Rytz introduced Christie Haverland, who not only attended Jefferson as a child but has worked there for the last 25 years. This year CHNR and individual members made it possible to provide funds and gifts for 23 families, and Haverland said our support always makes a great impact. “Thank you from the entire staff at Jefferson,” she said. Club members gave a round of applause to Rytz, who coordinated the Jefferson project for CHNR.
Christie Haverland,
Jefferson Elementary
            • What Grown-Ups Do for Work volunteers needed: Bob Kreisberg is looking for volunteers to talk to Calavera Hills Middle School students on Tuesday, January 18, about their careers. “Most children get little exposure to what others do, other than teachers, doctors....it’s not in their sphere,” Kreisberg said. The program will help them understand more about other career opportunities. Contact him or his co-coordinator Viveka Kjellgren. Our guest speaker, Mayor Matt Hall, has already volunteered.
Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall
            Jeff Segall introduced Mayor Hall, noting that Hall will be retiring at the end of his current term. Segall said Hall has been mayor since 2010, and before that, he was a council member, and prior to that, a planning commissioner. Hall, Segall said, has many accomplishments, but two Segall highlighted were Hall’s leadership in developing the city’s Growth Management Plan and establishing a collaboration of the leaders of cities along Highway 78 (including Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos).
            Hall discussed the development of the Growth Management Plan, noting that what has set Carlsbad apart from other cities is that “Carlsbad has always had a long view of what we wanted the city to be.” He urged all “to take the time and the energy to find out what’s taking place now” in the county and the state that involves new laws impacting that growth management plan.
            He also discussed efforts to help the homeless in Carlsbad and new food waste recycling requirements, and he mentioned housing, parks and transportation issues, ever-changing technology and the city budget.
DARK: January 17, 2022:
Martin Luther King Day
Monday, January 24, 2022, at The Westin and on Zoom
Speaker: Julie Holt of SONGS
Update on San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Decommissioning