Next Meeting March 1, 2021
Vol 2, Issue 23
Reporter:  Yvonne Finocchiaro
Welcome:  With the fish tank leaking under her desk, President Lisa Rodman opened the meeting with a hearty welcome to all members and guests.  Mimi Gaffey led the pledge, followed by the day’s Words by Tom Applegate who incorporated the historical (391 years ago) information that the Pilgrims were introduced to popcorn and how it is a miracle that it could look so hard and be so delicious. The Rotary 4-Way Test was repeated by Beth Garrow and the student speakers of the day introduced themselves. 
Rotary MomentJoAnn Ross described her recent Rotary Moment when Jeff Segall, Nancy Starling, Patty Johnson and LeAnn Rytz all said they would stop what they were doing to try to help Ross get a Covid vaccination.  Finally, she did get her shot.  Her heartfelt description of her fellow Rotarians was that “these are the kind of people Rotarians are. I’m so happy to be part of this group.” 
Rotary Four-Way Speech Contest:  Mo Taylor, who organized today’s presentation, described this as a partnership with the Speech and Debate Coach at Carlsbad High School.  Four students would make a speech using the Four-Way Test as a speech format.  Each would have a minimum of five minutes/maximum of seven minutes to make the presentation.  Financial awards would be:  $100 to first place; $75 to second place; and $50 each to third and fourth.  The winner would advance to the Rotary District subregional competition and could then go on to the finals for additional financial rewards.  Rather than try to duplicate the student presentations, this editor summarizes the focus of the presentation and the result (defined by judges Vince Ponce, Mo Taylor, Bob Kreisberg, Steve Ahlquist and timer Maureen Simons).
      Anina Molinar: America Under Attack, regarding January 6 on Capitol Hill. Second Place. 
Anina is a senior at CHS. She would like to study environmental science. She has applied to many colleges but does not yet know where she will attend.
Katelyn Lewis: The Technology Gap During a Pandemic,           
regarding the disparity between students with economic/technological support and those without.  First Place.
Katelyn is a junior at CHS.  Besides speech and debate, she is also involved with robotics, which is hard to study in a virtual environment.  She is not yet focused on college.
William Ellenstein:  Real Human Connection vs. Online InteractionsThird Place.
William is a junior at CHS and besides speech and debate, he swims and plays water polo.  He will focus on college next year but is looking at University of California schools.
Ava Rose Grosely:  Dinner Table Political DiscussionsFourth Place.    
Ava is a sophomore at CHS.  She has no college plans yet but is interested in a law career.
Member SpotlightGeorge Sullivan
George Sullivan has been a member of Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary since October 1982.  He is a psychology/industrial management consultant and is currently under contract with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Sullivan is married to Elaine, a community leader as well. He is a Paul Harris Fellow +2 and a jovial, active member of this club. He helped at the North County Food Bank last week.   His address is 7308 Calle de Fuentes, Carlsbad 92009 if you would like to send him a note.
  Community ServiceDirector LeAnn Rytz reported that the Virtual Food Drive (open until February 25) has generated $4,080 for the North County Food Bank, so far.  The goal was $3,500, so thanks to each of you for your contributions.  There were 13 club members at the North County Food Bank warehouse the afternoon of February 13, helping to organize the food.
Spirit of Service Award:  The Award Recipient for the 2nd quarter of 2020-21 is none other than Mo Taylor.        
“Taylor was an integral part of the sponsorship committee for OktoberFeast. She never sought the limelight and was always willing to offer her time, talent, and home for the sponsorship team to meet. Working closely with the committee chairpersons, she addressed hundreds of envelopes and prepared mailings multiple times to solicit donations for this year’s OktoberFeast program. Whenever we asked for help, Mo was the first to volunteer. She is an unsung hero who has demonstrated the Spirit of Service.”
Covid Vaccination Volunteers: Jeff Segall distributed an email to indicate that Tri-City Medical Auxiliary would be handling the volunteer needs for the near future.  He also added, “I want Rotarians to know that they have exceeded Tri-City’s expectations and the hospital has been very dependent on us.  By and large, every member of the community has commented on how smoothly, quickly and professionally the clinic has run, and to a large degree, that has been because of the efforts of Rotarians in keeping the flow moving.  We have handled tasks that clinical staffs were doing, thereby freeing them up to vaccinate patients.  You have all heard of media reports of problems with other clinics in the county . . . long drive to clinics like Petco, long lines and wait times, and unorganized processes. Tri-City has not had these issues.”  He went on to thank all participating Rotarians and to indicate that there may be future need for volunteers if the clinic is expanded.  Special thanks to Jeff Segall for the exemplary work organizing Rotarians/volunteers during this crush time-frame.
Speakers:  Samantha Richter asked members for suggestions for future speakers. She and Mike Metts are working with May programming dates.  If you have ideas/connections to individuals who would provide quality programming content, please contact Richter at
Mexico House Build #22:  Rocco Ciesco reported that the date is set to build segments of this year’s Tijuana house:  Saturday, April 24.  Twenty volunteers are needed.  The 12 segments will be built in Chula Vista this year due to Covid concerns, with adequate space for social  distancing. Each volunteer is requested to bring:  your own lunch, water for the day, hat, study shoes, sunscreen, hammer, tape measure, pencil, a nail bag and a good pair of work gloves.  The team needs to be AT the Chula Vista site (Heritage and Santa Maya Roads) by 7am and should be finished later in the afternoon.  Car pools etc. will be coordinated as the date draws near. To sign up, email Ciesco at:
Roto Rooter:  Jim Brubaker
Brubaker focused on
  • Gloria Foote, who retired in late December.  On January 6, her husband had surgery.  “We dodged the bullet,” she said, “and it will be a slow recovery, but you know the quote ‘if it ain’t your time, not even a doctor can kill you.’”  Fine waived.  Brubaker congratulated Foote on her “stellar career and retirement and wishes for good health for both of you.”
  • Steve Ahlquist – but he’d left the building.
  • Richard Weston – but his sound wasn’t working.
  • Yvonne Finocchiaro – regarding her recent trip to AZ to visit her Murchison men in Parker (son), Phoenix (grandson) and Prescott (grandson) . . .and then on to Sedona.  $25 fine.
President Lisa closed the meeting with the following quote:
Next Meeting:  March 1, 2021
Speaker:  Dr. Matt Kurth re the History of the Food and Drug Administration