Next Meeting June 14, 2021
IN-PERSON at Westin & via Zoom
Vol 2, Issue 35
Reporter: Julie Walker
         Pat Hurley
JUNE 7, 2021 MEETING in-person and via Zoom: President Pat Hurley welcomed members at The Westin and those attending via Zoom. He thanked Josh Rytz and Sean, a Westin staffer, for working out the “sophisticated electronics” to make the hybrid meeting happen. Songmaster Ken Clark led us in the Smile song and singing God Bless America. The pledge was led by Gloria Foote. For Words, Mary Fritz Wilson shared that her word for the year is “Learned” and some related quotes, including one from Henry Ford: “Anyone who stops learning is old ... Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young but becomes constantly more valuable...” Mimi Gaffey led recitation of the Four-Way Test. Guests were introduced, including District 5340 Governor Steve Weitzen.
                  • Wendy Wiegand reported 50 signups so far for the demotion/installation dinner to be held June 25 at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center. Theme is hush-hush and not to be shared with the Fab Four 2020-21 presidents. Each member’s fee was included in annual dues; guest fee is $50. RSVPs are needed. Anyone who can help decorate earlier that night is asked to contact Wiegand at
                  • Paul Karzke is still seeking Brewfest Committee members. So far, Jim Brubaker and Tom Applegate have signed on.                 
                  • Julie Walker is looking for three members for the rotating Hi-Jinx editing team that creates the Hi-Jinx via a template on Clubrunner. So far, Mo Taylor has joined the team. Four reporters also needed, with Randy Ferren already signed on. Contact Walker at
                  • The club and District 5340 are still offering matching funds, up to $500, to those who want to start a Paul Harris fellowship. Contact Mimi Gaffey before the 2020-21 Rotary year ends.
                  • LeAnn Rytz announced the awarding of two $500 community grants from our club: to North County LGBTQ and to First Step Home of North County. The first is in support of North County LGBTQ’s Foodies & Goodies program that serves some 700 persons a month, and Max Dispositi thanked us via Zoom. The First Step Home program, based in Carlsbad, was represented virtually by Beky Pine, who said it is the only of its kind in the county that provides service to alcoholic men who seek help, including food, clothing and assistance at no charge.
                  • The Carlsbad Senior Center is re-starting its food delivery program for homebound seniors, and drivers are needed. Rytz said the number of participants needing food delivered has doubled since the pandemic. Anyone wanting to be on the CHNR team of drivers should contact her.
                  Wendy Wiegand,  who has had many Rotary moments since joining CHNR 17 years ago, said that before moving to Carlsbad, she was a member of the Temecula Rotary Club, where she was told she’d never find another club as good, as fun and as active as that club. After trying out many Rotary clubs in coastal North County, she was walking into a CHNR meeting when she was stopped and warmly greeting by the Dave Kulchin. He walked her in and introduced her all around. She was so taken by that warm welcome that she ended her search and joined CHNR. “Everyone made me feel already a part of the family,” she says. “None of the other clubs made me feel the warmth and love of this club.”
Yvonne Finocchiaro
                  Finocchiaro first thanked everyone who participated in the Rumbles that supported local restaurants during the shutdown: 35 were held, each with about 35 participants.
                  Next she recognized June birthdays. Rachel Ivanovich, Nancy Starling and Mary Fritz Wilson were there to hear the birthday song, live and on key. Other June birthdays are: Nate Cobb, Shari Freeman, Eric Lodge, David Harrison and Richard Weston. Starling’s June 6 birthday was a particularly significant birthday, and she thanked her special CHNR friends for their surprise party.
                  Mark Packard was fined for leaving his wallet at the front desk; Rachel Ivanovich reported a busy time in her family, with four graduations, including her son’s and daughter’s college graduations.
                  Finocchiaro then called up several members, some new to the club during the shutdown, and asked each to give one fact we wouldn’t know about them:
                  • JoAnn Ross doesn’t like to cook, but she loves to set a table. She has 27 sets of dishes.
                  • Paul Kartzke loves to travel and has been to every continent except Antarctica.
                  • Ray Green has read everything Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written about Sherlock Holmes.
                  • Jos Magaña is a self-taught wiz on a Singer sewing machine, doing patches. It all began many years ago when his son was a Cub Scout.
                  • Alan Cobb has “never let a complete lack of talent keep me from collecting electric guitars and amps.”
                  • Rachel Ivanovich wrote short stories as a child and put on free puppet shows outside Woolworths.
                  • Ed Roquette plays the spoons, and gave us a demonstration. He also plays the drums No demo.
                  • Mo Taylor recently did a stressful home remodel and said her grandfather built his first house from a Sears & Roebuck kit. She wonders how he survived it!
                  • Vince Ponce put himself through college by working for UPS for 6.5 years. After graduation, he discovered the difference in pay between his part-time UPS job and his new job as a fulltime teacher was $2,000.                  
Rotary District 5340
Governor Steve Weitzen
                  Steve Weitzen thanked the CHNR Fab Four 2020-21 presidents for stepping up and doing a tremendous job, each for a quarter of the Rotary year, when the president-elect had step back due to extenuating circumstances: Yvonne Finocchiaro, Maureen Simons, Lisa Rodman and Pat Hurley. Weitzen also recognized Harry Peacock and his wife, Barbara, for establishing a bequest to the RI Foundation through their estates, thanking them for helping to sustain Rotary programs.
                  His talk to the club primarily focused on the future of Rotary, District 5340 and its 60 clubs. First he noted that Rotary is close to ending polio worldwide and that he doesn't expect RI will ever embark on a project of that magnitude again since RI now has seven specific areas of focus, including water and the environment, worldwide.
                  The pandemic shutdown forced Rotary at all levels to rethink and move to virtual meetings, conferences and the international convention, and Weitzen said positives have come from that. His opinion is that Rotary at all levels will continue with hybrid sessions—using “Zoom components” and hybrid components. In line with that, he suggests clubs consider holding one Zoom meeting, one social meeting and two hybrid meetings each month as a way to keep all members involved and as a means to reach millenniels. The latter, he said, “don’t have time for attending breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings, but they love to do projects.” Zoom and hybrid meetings will enable clubs to boost membership and continue Rotary’s good work by adding younger members.
June 14, 2021 – In-person at The Westin and via ZOOM
Malena Bennett —Project Life