Photos from December 5, 2016
Mimi Gaffey (left) presented Yvonne Finocchiaro with a PHF ruby pin representing PHF+6.
Members interested in obtaining a Paul Harris Fellowship for themselves, relatives of friends should contact Mimi.
Thoughts on the end of the calendar year
Gloria Foote (left) kicked off the remarks with "we're not looking at where the puck has been, but where it is going."  Advised us not to let the media be our investment advisor.
Kurt Filipovitch quoted John Adams "It's our duty to pay our fair share of taxes" and followed with Ten Top Tax Planning Tips.
and Rev. Laura Sheridan -Campbell ended by offering some suggestions for coping.  "stay safe, go places that bring you joy, practice self-care, eat healthy, breathe, work through conflict, balance alone time with group time, find time to hear stories.
Who Am I?
with Lou Tapia