Roto-Rooter – Raegan Matthews
Raegan Matthews asked several members about Bucket List items that they or family members have or had been able to achieve:
JoAnn Ross said her son, who for his 60th birthday was planning to take a bike tour of Croatia until the pandemic hit, instead decided to ride his bike across the US, accompanied by a grandson in a car. He just recently completed that 3,500-mile trip, noting he was eating 5,000 calories a day during the ride.
Bob Kreisberg’s daughter is living out her #1 Bucket List item of being able to work with “the big cats,” working in a veterinary clinic in Orange County and also at an exotic animals center. She got her wish to play with a tiger cub, which Kreisberg said weighed 36 pounds.
Wendy Wiegand said it wasn’t a Bucket List item, but she had just put in her order for a Tesla Model Y crossover.
Danny Quisenberry has opened a second law office, in La Jolla. He also told a story about how, when he was in school, he and several friends dressed up and lip synced as the band, Kiss, and as a result they were invited to do a mini-concert a week later. He assumed the lead guitarist's role.
Gloria Foote and her husband will be traveling to Petaluma to spend Thanksgiving with family. One-upping Quisenberry, she said her son did an Elvis Presley song in a lip-sync competition on a TV show many years ago, finishing third.
Beth Garrow celebrated her birthday on November 8, her husband celebrated his on November 10, and the duo celebrated their first date the day between, on November 9—46 years ago.
Raegan Matthews offered thanks to “our veterans,” especially thanking each CHN Rotarian who had served in our Armed Forces.