Posted on Jan 28, 2019
Skydiving Innovations is an aerial entertainment and operations company providing customized safe, thrilling and inspiring skydiving shows and performances, fixed winged and helicopter entertainment. Lee first jumped in 1982, the experience was “awesome” and he was hooked but when he shared his jubilation his father’s sobering comment was ‘two things fall from the sky, bird shit and idiots.” However, undeterred, Skydiving Innovations is a thriving business and counts among its significant clients the USS Midway Museum and Hotel Del Coronado. Lee stated his entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by a creed:

1. Find something you enjoy doing.
2. Get good, really good, at it.
3. Find someone else who will pay you to do it.

After over 32 years of ‘jumping’ and 5,000 plus jumps, Lee did admit to two injuries. Lee broke his back in 1983 and left more than his share of knee DNA on the flight deck of the Midway. Skydiving Innovations relies on many team members, many of whom have been trained by the Navy and Army--the best and the brightest. The largest jump ever was a 100-person promo for T-Mobile and a promotional jump on the Midway required 17 failures in rehearsal to nail it. Lee admitted that even after so many jumps, every jump brings pressure and fear and if he didn’t feel that it would be time to stop.
Taking questions from members, Lee commented that if contemplating your first jump, do so in tandem. Indoor skydiving facilities serve as a good introduction to the sport, build skills and are safe.